Need a good agarwood supplier?

You come to the right place today! provide high quality of agarwood chips for customers around the world. This kind of agarwood chip is a product of our farm. We produce from A-Z these agarwood chips from plating tree, make it resin, harvest, then cut it into pieces, packing and transfer the final product to you.

aquillaria treesMore than 10 years old Aquilaria crassna tree

making agarwood chipsAgarwood chip making

agarwood chipSemi final agarwood chip

agarwood chips

agarwood chips

agarwood chips

Final agarwood chips

Why buy from us?

Our agarwood have beauty smell. The most important thing when you buy agarwood is it’s smell, not the color or size. You can rate agarwood only after you burn it and feel it’s smell. We can send a small piece of agarwood chip for new customers for free to help you try our agarwood’s smell.

We are totally different from other vendors, they just buy and resell it. We are agarwood chips manufacturer, each product is made entirely by us and sold directly to customers. Our price is always cheapest.

Our products not in short-term like wild nature’s products, it make by human and control buy human. The quantity of agarwood chips is unlimited and each tree is chopped to make products, we will replace by another trees.

What kind of products that can make from our agarwood chips?

You can extract oil from this agarwood chips, agarwood oil can be use in many purposes(like make perfume), or you can mill it in to powder to make incenses…

Traders and investors are welcome.

We need to find entrepreneurs and investors from around the world to help business expansion.

Our mission:

We want to grow more green trees to help our planet greener.