Spicing Up Romance: Agarwood Aromatherapy

What Is Agarwood?

“Agarwood” refers to a precious, highly fragrant type of heartwood which occurs in a few specific species of tree.  It can take decades for a tree to produce this aromatic wood.  Agarwood’s unique and luxurious fragrance has been treasured since the introduction of the written word.  Agarwood chips and essential oils have been used to create incense, perfumes and essential oils, all of which have been thought to have numerous benefits.  Also known as Oudh oil, agarwood oils have even been valued as an aphrodisiac.

agarwood chips

How to Harness the Aphrodisiacal Powers of Agarwood

Agarwood’s wonderful, unique fragrance can be preserved in both agarwood chips and essential oil produced by steaming the wood itself.  This essential oil can then be added to any number of different products which allow the user to enjoy its benefits.  Massage oils, lotions and bath products can be used alone or shared by a couple to explore agarwood’s potential as an aphrodisiac.  Incense produced from wild or cultivated agarwood chips can also be used to set a romantic mood.  Whether used in a sensual massage between partners or as part of preparing oneself for romance, the incredible fragrance produced by agarwood chips is a wonderful aromatherapy choice.

Purchasing And Using Agarwood

If agarwood chip aromatherapy sounds appealing, there are any number of forms of agarwood which one can purchase to meet his or her needs.  Cultivated agar chips are increasing in popularity, thanks to a rise in agarwood plantations around the world.  Wild agarwood chips can also be obtained, but these may be more expensive (and may contribute to the diminishing numbers of agarwood producing trees in the wild).  Agarwood chips, whether obtained from wild or cultivated agarwood, is usually heated to release the aromatic resin which provides the distinctive scent.  It can also be finely ground into a powder to make incense.  However, many enthusiasts discovering the beneficial properties of agarwood prefer a ready-to-use product.  These are readily available, thanks to the popularity of this unique scent.  Ready-to-use incense, lotions, and even beverages like teas can be found.  These ready-made agarwood products can take the guesswork out of using agarwood.

Choosing The Right Agarwood Product

The best method for choosing the agarwood chip product that suits your aromatherapy needs is to experiment with different products for yourself. The rich, complex, and completely unique scent of agarwood cannot be compared to anything else, just as each relationship is unique. Try agarwood to spice up yours!

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